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    Fine Jewelry

    When you are searching for high-quality fine jewelry, you expect to pay a pretty penny for it at most places but not at RGB Mallorca Pearls. Here you will find my signature designs and fine jewelry at unbelievable prices! Choose from my wonderful gallery of classic fashion jewelry.

    What is truly remarkable about the fine jewelry that I sell at RGB Mallorca Pearls is the richly European flavor that is brought to each design.

    Coming from northern Italy, I was exposed to an eclectic mix of high-cultured elegance in the form of fine jewelry. Even as a young child, I was drawn to the stunning fashion jewelry sported by high society in France, Italy, and Spain. That is when I dedicated myself to learning the craft of fine jewelry making. For nearly 30 years, I have been selling top-quality custom-made jewelry and fashion jewelry for the women.

    If you have a special occasion coming up and cannot find anything to complement your dress, visit our online shop. Find exactly what you are looking for here!!

    Handmade Mallorca Jewelry

    One reason why Mallorca Pearls are so world famous is the fact that, though they are man-made jewelry, they are as close to genuine pearls as any other man-made stone. In fact, it typically takes an expert to detect a natural oyster pearl from Mallorca Pearls. Produced in Mallorca, Spain, I am the only distributor in Florida of the exquisite MadrePerla designs.

    At RGB Mallorca Pearls, I sell handmade Mallorca Jewelry in Miami, FL at incredibly affordable prices. While handmade Mallorca jewelry is much less expensive than natural pearls, many jewelry makers claim to sell genuine Mallorca Pearls but really sell a low-quality imitation so they can capitalize off the Mallorca brand.

    You can rest assured that all of my handmade Mallorca jewelry is truly made from the factories in Mallorca, Spain, where the first of these jewels was created centuries ago. My deep roots in northern Italy afford me the opportunity to distribute this amazing jewelry to the women of Miami, FL.

    Unlike natural pearls formed inside of an oyster, each Mallorca Pearl is handcrafted to be the exact same size, shape, and color of the natural. Moreover, each pearl is hardened and polished with a protective coat that prevents chipping, peeling, or yellowing over time. Other imitation jewels lack the qualities that genuine stones offer, but my handmade Mallorca jewelry enhances those qualities.

    You will not find blemishes, discolorations, or bumps in my pearls. They look just like oyster pearls, feel almost just like them in weight and warmth, and, best of all, are much more affordable than oyster pearls! You can only get these marvelous works of wonder at RGB Mallorca Pearls!

    You can choose from my selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, and costume jewelry from China and France. Browse my collection of fine handmade Mallorca jewelry now, and then place your order!

    Pearl Jewelry

    Pearl jewelry is the perfect way to add refinement to a formal dress or a business suit. That is why for centuries pearls have accented some of the most famous portraits of elegance and royalty. Yet for the last few centuries, pearls have gained in popularity as the most affordable precious gem to own.

    Now they are even more affordable at RGB Mallorca Pearls, where I sell top-quality pearl jewelry. My pearl jewelry sets a new standard for high-quality organic pearl jewelry. Each piece is selected not only for its beauty but for its value and design.

    I have continued to expand my pearls jewelry collections to include custom designs as well as traditional styles. I sell a variety of elegant pearl earrings at RGB Mallorca Pearls that can help to dress up any type of attire.

    Whether you are looking for something to suit a fancy night out on the town or you are looking for a more delicate look for a bridal party, my pearl jewelry runs the entire gamut! You can buy my pearl jewelry as a gift.

    At RGB Mallorca Pearls, I have built my reputation for selling the highest-quality pearl jewelry at the lowest prices possible. It is my desire to make my fashion jewelry, and pearls available to women of all backgrounds.

    I am carrying on the tradition started hundreds of years ago that has made pearl jewelry the most affordable jewelry with precious stones. You can buy splendid, lovely, and elegant pearl jewelry for all occasions at my online store.